Waiting For Love (DVD)


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  • Director:

    James Lee

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  • Language:

    Cantonese, Chinese

  • Duration:

    70 mins

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  • Subtitles:

    Chinese, English

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    This film follows the stories of three couples facing turning points in their relationships. In the first scene, we follow Lim & Amelia, a couple of almost five years, as he tries to save up for their marriage while she second-guesses their relationship. One day, Lim confronts her about a letter from her admirer. In the second scene, Pete and Bernice, a couple of almost ten years, confront the differences in their views on marriage. While he continues not believing in marriage, she begins to realise he may not be the one after all.  In the final scene, Amy and Lai who have been keeping their affair a secret, must decide if it may be their last time together.  


    Published by Da Huang Pictures and Doghouse73 Pictures.