The Four: Short Films by Woo Ming Jin (DVD)


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    Woo Ming Jin

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    English, Mandarin

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    66 mins

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    Malaysian film director Woo Ming Jin, also co-founder of Greenlight Pictures, has been making award-winning films since 2005. His films have been screened in many international film festivals and have won awards like Denmark’s Academy Award for short films.  


    This DVD contains 4 of his works: 


    Blue Roof (2007)
    Albert, a security guard in an apartment complex, is a middle-aged man who walks with a limp, and is obsessed with collecting news articles on car accidents. Each morning, during his rounds, he goes up to the rooftop, and contemplates suicide. Will he ever jump? 


    Love For Dogs (2003)
    Love for Dogs tells two parallel stories; A construction worker returns to his hometown and tries to reconnect with his daughter after abandoning his family to work in Cambodia. The second story follows Lily, an overweight girl living with her aunt and dealing with the absence of her immediate family. 


    Catching The Sea (2005) 

    Catching the Sea is a short film about the lives of several people in a village after a mysterious disease strikes and kills their loved ones. Set in a dilapidating fishing island, the film is about reconciling death and moving on with life. 


    It’s Possible Your Heart Cannot Be Broken (2005) 
    Ah Tat, a dreamy simpleton romantic, meets the jaded but equally insecure Apple. Can these two obviously completely different people yearning for the same thing sustain their relationship? 


    Published by Da Huang Pictures.