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南洋三部曲 Nanyang Trilogy (3-disc DVD edition)


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    Chun Kim
    Chor Yuen
    Chan Man

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    南洋三部曲 (Nanyang Trilogy) is a series of three Cantonese-language films produced by the Kong Ngee Company in 1957. Shot in Singapore and Malaysia, the films are 血染相思谷 (Blood Stains the Valley of Love), 唐山阿嫂 (China Wife) and 椰林月 (Moon Over Malaya). The films introduced urban perspectives and youthful idols of the time, led by 谢贤 (Patrick Tse Yin), 嘉玲 (Patsy Kar Ling) and 南红 (Nam Hung) that appealed to its younger postwar audiences.


    Newly restored with English and Mandarin subtitles, with specially designed postcards and book of essays.