Love Conquers All (DVD)


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    Tan Chui Mui

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    90 mins

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    At first a simple story about a girl blinded in love, the film unfolds to raise complicated questions without giving away too many answers.  

    The main character, or perhaps victim, is Ah Peng (Coral Ong Li Whei), a common girl from Penang. She arrives in the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur to work at her aunt’s economy rice stall. She is taken in by the family like an older daughter and shares a room with their little sister Mei (Leong Jiun Jiun), who stars in her own love story with a mysterious pen pal. The indolent Ah Peng and the bright and lively Mei get along very well, forming a sisterly bond.  Ah Peng has a boyfriend in Penang whom she calls regularly from the public phones. Fate has it that she attracts the attention of John (Stephen Chua Jyh Shyan) a confident man who listens in on the conversation between Ah Peng and her boyfriend. Even with John’s shameless sharing about how to lure a girl into prostitution, a relationship is formed, bringing them to their doomed fate.  


    Published by Da Huang Pictures.