About Programmes

The Asian Film Archive organises a wide variety of events for students, educators, and the public to develop deeper understanding and appreciation for the language, art and industry of the film media.


Reciprocal is Asian Film Archive’s annual collaborative film programme that spotlights the archival collections of AFA and a partnering archive. Inspired by and responding to the resonance of each other’s featured collections, the curated line-up explores the creative intersections and juxtapositions between the preserved national, regional, and international film and moving image, offering perspectives on archival issues and concerns confronting contemporary archivists.

Off the Catalogue

Inspired by Asian Film Archive's own repository, Off The Catalogue is a new regular programme that presents a curated mix from its collection, ready to be rediscovered by contemporary eyes.


Celebrating the classics of Asian cinema and beyond, Restored is a regular series showcasing newly restored films. Highlighting Asian films that have been meticulously preserved and restored by different institutions from across the world, the platform revisits these classics in a new light and allows them to be appreciated by new generations of audiences.


Featuring critically-acclaimed films and festival favourites, Releases is dedicated to screening the best and most promising of contemporary Asian cinema.


Retrospective is a regular series showcasing bodies of work from an extended period of activity by filmmakers of different eras. Devoted to the region's film history,  contributions and movements within the industries in Asia, the platform focuses on particular profiles, themes and aesthetics to allow audiences to experience past and ongoing cinematic transformations.


Reframe is a salon series that constructs critical frameworks and examines topics surrounding cinema and the moving image through film showcases, panel discussions and presentations.

Special Programme

The Special Programme section features one-off programmes.

Singapore Shorts

Singapore Shorts is an annual showcase celebrating the best and the most promising local short films in Singapore. Alongside screenings of the selected cinematic works, the programme also features post-screening discussions with the filmmakers, dedicated reviews from critics and a special section of older titles from the Asian Film Archive's collection.


Rewired is AFA's latest initiative encompassing online film screenings and events specially catered for audiences through AFA's online platforms. By offering a digital means to promote a wider critical appreciation of Asian cinema, Rewired opens and enriches intellectual and creative spaces for a virtual community.

State of Motion

State of Motion is Asian Film Archive’s annual film and art event, exploring the intersections between cinema, art and filmic research. Since its inception in 2016, the multidisciplinary platform has engaged contemporary artists, curators, filmmakers and researchers to uncover hidden histories and latent discourses in response to the institution's rich and diverse archival work.

Asian Restored Classics

Asian Restored Classics is a film festival showcasing newly restored works and celebrating the best of Asian cinema.

Alt Screen

Alt Screen is a film series, co-organised with the National Library Board, Singapore, to showcase Asian documentaries and offering interpretations of global issues and critical perspectives of humanity.