Singapore Shorts ’19 – Official Selection 2

11th August 2019
Sunday 8:00pm - 10:00pm


Oldham Theatre


*World Premiere*
Club 555 (2018, dir. Chew Jia Hui)
14 min | Mandarin, English with Chinese and English subtitle | Rating TBA

Pretty ladies, pulsing lights, and electronic dance music set the stage for the world of Thai disco in Singapore, where partying the night away is a full-time job for three of its inhabitants. As we are continuously faced with choices at various points in our lives, is there an absolute, right one to make? Will we ever be satisfied with those decisions? The film explores the lives of three people – Ice, a performing artist, Ben, a PR manager, and Jess, a waitress. The three of them work in the same nightclub, and we see the results of the decisions in their lives that they have made to this day as the night progresses.

*Singapore Premiere*
Dance of a Humble Atheist (2019, dir. Toh Hun Ping)
17.30 min | English with no subtitles | PG

An existential journey of semi-abstract imagery inspired by the artist’s personal ruminations on death, spiritual faith, nature and the cosmos. From the funeral of a dying being, a wondrous cornucopia after life, to a phosphoric revolt of consciousness.

This film is created entirely via frame-by-frame animation, using digital scans of over six hundred individually sculpted ceramic reliefs produced at Pinch Ceramics Studio (Singapore).

The film will be publicly presented with a soundtrack for the first time in Singapore. The film’s soundtrack features improvised music recorded at Black Axis (Singapore) by Dharma of Singapore band The Observatory (electric guitar, effects and objects) and Hun Ping (ceramic percussion).

*World Premiere*
Siblings (2018, dir. Tang Kang Sheng)
后来 | 18 min | English, Mandarin with English subtitle | Rating TBA

After their father is admitted to the hospital due to a stroke, Jun and Ling return home to settle some of his affairs. Amidst it all, they are forced to interact with one another, only to realize that their relationship is more strained than ever.

You Idiot (2018, dir. Kris Ong)
11 min | English with English subtitle | Rating TBA
Darren and Matt write a song about what is to come in their happy-go-lucky world.

*World Premiere*
Beyond a Chamber that Externalises All The Time, or Séance (2019, dir. Chong Lii and Milon Goh)
27 mins | English with English subtitles | Rating TBA

Three characters grow restless in a city where the urban trappings of identity, history, and genre are idealised and left unquestioned. They converge, only to entertain the notion of self- exile. In this volatile search for another reality, a strange and otherworldly theatre of their making begins to actualise.

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About Singapore Shorts ’19

SINGAPORE SHORTS ’19 is an annual showcase celebrating the best and the most promising local short films. A critical platform for excellence and diverse thought in moving images, the selection is overseen by a panel of respected professionals across Singapore’s film industry. Alongside screenings of the selected cinematic works, the programme will also feature post-screening discussions with the filmmakers and dedicated reviews from critics.

The 2019 edition will also include a special section of older titles curated by local playwright Alfian Sa’at from the Asian Film Archive’s collection.

For the full programme line-up, please visit here.

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