Pyo Chit Lin (My Darling) (1950) | Asian Restored Classics 2019

01st September 2019
Sunday 2:00pm - 4:00pm


Oldham Theatre


Director: U Tin Myint
Runtime: 75 minutes
Country: Myanmmar
Language: Silent with Burmese inter-titles and English subtitles
Rating: PG
Restored Version

Pyo Chit Lin, also known as My Darling, is one of the very few Myanmmar classics still in existence, and is the country’s earliest surviving colour film. This romantic comedy revolves around two friends who move to Yangon to look for work. They meet a beautiful young woman named Kyu Kyu, who lives with her aunt since her parents pased away. Though she is rich and owns her own compny, Kyu Kyu is humble and attracts the attention of several suitors, including a police officer, an air force captain, and a writer. Starring many of the major Burmese actors of the time, the film is a precious document of the prolific and vibrant movie industry in Myanmmar then.