Toxic Mango



This film tells the incredibly heart-rending and fantastically forbidden legend of the Toxic Mango that bestows a multitude of lessons to all brave citizens of the new planet Alibuhod. Guima and Aras are ill-fated lovers in this sardonic tale of fruit and worldwide genocide. One day, a black mango suddenly appears on Guima and Aras’ tree; “to eat or not to eat”, that was their question. Toxic Mango is a black and white film that ruminates over a dystopic future when the effects of the oil spill tragedy have reached nightmarish proportions.

Director: Khavn De La Cruz
Release Year: 2006
Subtitles: English
Language: Ilango
Producer: Khavn De La Cruz
Rating: NC16
Runtime: 05m00s
Production Country: Philippines
Accession No: 2007-D-0830

Cast List:

  • Rexie Ian Penaflorida, Dimple Dela Cruz, Jeck Cogama, Meyor Sanchez, Victor Villanueva, Juderick Magbanua, Ihna Figueroa, Irene Ladignon, Lowez Maquinto


  • Production Manager - Ihna Figueroa; Editor - Ramil Plofino; Still Photo - Victor Villanueva; Production Design - Jeck Cogama; Music - John Torres; Script / Camera / Score - Khavn De La Cruz; Casting -