The Investigators



Two police investigators at the prime of their careers start to question the meaning and purpose in their work and personal lives as they come to terms with their crumbling spousal relationships.

Director: Lim Lung Chien
Release Year: 2007
Subtitles: None
Language: English
Producer: Michelle Tan
Rating: PG
Runtime: 17m00s
Production Country: Singapore
Accession No: 2009-D-1467

Cast List:

  • Leon Yong, Sean Yap, Laura Kee, Audrey Luo, Albert Tan, Jason Sim, New Yi Qing, Henry Irawan, Godwin Chan, Mr. Loe, Chandler Pohl


  • Writers - Lim Lung Chieh, Athalia Ho; Director of Photography - Athalia Ho; Art Director - Michelle Tan; Sound Editor / Music - Jowell Tan; Assistant Director - Joanne Lee; Production Assistants - Ad -