The Elephant and the Sea



A Malayan coastal village experiences an outbreak of a waterborne disease. When his wife dies, Ah Ngau is given shelter, money and donations. But it is only his visits to a prostitute that uplift and invigorate him. At the same time, a young man struggles to find direction in his life after the death of his “older brother”, especially as he harbours deep feelings for his best friend’s sister.

Director: Woo Ming Jin
Release Year: 2007
Subtitles: English
Genre: Drama
Language: Cantonese, Mandarin, Malay
Producer: Woo Ming Jin, Tomoko Ueda, The Greenlight Team
Rating: M18
Runtime: 36m00s
Production Country: Malaysia
Accession No: 2008-D-1339
Availability: library@esplanade, Lee Kong Chian Reference Library

Cast List:

  • Berg Lee Seng Wan
  • Chung Kok Keong
  • Ng Meng Hui
  • Tan Chui Mui
  • Teoh Kim Wah
  • Cheong Wai Loon


  • Director of Photography - Chan Hai Liang
  • Production Manager - Gan Hui Yee
  • Production Designer - Lee Gim Weng
  • Editor - Kok Kai Foong
  • Assistant Camera - Kannan Thiagaparan
  • Production Assistant - Penny Lee Chiew Ting
  • Audio - Chee Kar Ching
  • Audio - Ang Yee Sian
  • Audio - Ng Ken Kin
  • Props Master - Leslie Leon Lee
  • Script Translate - Jullie Anne Chong
  • Still Photographer - James Lee
  • Foley & ADR - Woo Ming Jin
  • Additional Editing - Woo Ming Jin
  • Post Production - Greenlight Pictures