The Changi Murals



A lyrical look at a set of five biblical murals painted by Stanley Warren that changed the lives of countless prisoners-of-war during the Japanese Occupation of Singapore. Stanley Warren was a prisoner of war, held in Changi Prisoner of War Camp at the Changi Military Base, a former RAF base. The murals were rediscovered in 1958 and Stanley Warren came back to Singapore three times to restore them. The film begins with a reenactment of Stanley’s return to Singapore and continues by depicting his and other prisoners’ lives at the camp.

Director: Boo Junfeng
Release Year: 2006
Subtitles: English
Language: English, Japanese
Producer: Joey Lam, Boo Junfeng
Rating: PG
Runtime: 18m00s
Production Country: Singapore
Accession No: 2007-D-0531

Cast List:

  • Stephen Black, Karl Chaundy, David Fotheringham, Craig McTurk, Graham Perkins, Ben Watts, Fran Borgia, Anthony Toffoli, Michael Therrien, Bob Feldman, Charles Ardy, Tene Ekehelen, Hiro Machida, Andre


  • Writer - Boo Junfeng; 1st Assistant Director - Fran Borgia; 2nd Assistant Director - Lim Ting Li; Script Supervisor - Tan Ai Leng; Production Manager - Ang Zhong Yang; Production Coordinator - Shawn -