The Amber Sexology



A suite of small but well-formed stories that serves as an eulogy to love as well as an exploration of public spaces and private moments. Arranged non-chronologically, the first five shorts record several stages in the love affair of young city dwellers Amber and Harris, from meeting to forgetting.

Director: Azharr Rudin
Release Year: 2006
Subtitles: English
Language: English, Malay
Producer: Azharr Rudin
Rating: PG
Runtime: 01m00s
Production Country: Malaysia
Accession No: 2006-D-0166

Cast List:

  • Mark Teh, Melissa Maureen Rizal, Gavin Yap, Alvin Wong, Azman Abu Hassan, Tora Andika with Tan Chui Mui, Amir Muhammad, Jerome Kugan, Warga Emas


  • Executive Producer - Yasmim Ahmad; Associate Producer - Rita Machdar, Amir Muhammad; Assistant Producer - Fatin Nadia; Cinematography - James Lee,Wong Ming Jin, Imri Nasution; Photography Assistant - -