Space of City Trees



A trishaw man waits at the entrance of the old Mitre Hotel that is falling apart. An enigmatic, beautiful young woman walks out and like a ghost of things passed, gets into the trishaw and they ride away into oblivion.

Director: Lai Weijie
Release Year: 2007
Subtitles: None
Language: English
Producer: Elizabeth Wijaya, Lai Weijie
Rating: PG
Runtime: 03m00s
Production Country: Singapore
Accession No: 2008-D-1206

Cast List:

  • Sarah Tan, Chen Zhaojin


  • Writer - Elizabeth Wijaya, Lai Weijie; Assistant Director/Production Manager - Warren Tessler; Director of Photography - Seth Paradox; 1st Camera Assistant - Han West; 2nd Camera Assistant/Loader - M -