Soi Chang- Elephants on the Street



Despite the government’s attempts to purge the trade of its existence, elephants being dragged onto the streets to beg for loose change is a common sight in the streets of Chiang Mai, which also serves as a livelihood for the animals’ owners, the street mahouts. Soi Chang documents and discusses this controversial business through interviews with animal conservationists as well as the former and existing mahouts.

Director: Low Ting Yi
Release Year: 2010
Subtitles: English
Language: English
Producer: Phoebe Tan, Lee Lay Ming
Rating: PG
Runtime: 19m00s
Production Country: Thailand
Accession No: 2010-D-1885

Cast List:

  • N.A


  • Director of Photography - Lin Junjie; Second Camera / Editor - Low Ting Yi; Sound Recordist - Phoebe Tan; Interviewer - Lee Lay Ming; Translators - Au Siriwattanakun, Nong Wongvanich, Suksri Lumprase -