Singapore Cowboy



A middle-aged man deals with fears of emasculation by playing at being a cowboy. His sense of impotence increases when he is unable to prevent his parking space from being occupied by another, control his children’s behaviour and stop another man from flirting with his wife. This drives him to actualise his make-believe role by attacking his rival in ways that he is only capable of.

Director: Ng Sze Kiat
Release Year: 2008
Subtitles: English
Genre: Drama
Language: English, Mandarin, Hokkien
Producer: Ng Sze Kiat, Stella Teo Lu Jin
Rating: PG
Runtime: 13m44s
Production Country: Singapore
Accession No: 2008-D-1279
Availability: library@esplanade

Cast List:

  • Gimmy Yeo Siok Thiam
  • Joyce Chia Bee Hong
  • Sharon Yeo Jia Lin
  • Yeo Jia Yan
  • Steven Tan
  • Lindyn Tan
  • Rosie Teo
  • Daniel Lee
  • Lilian Kiew
  • Tan Bak Choon
  • Sim Ah Choo Jeannie
  • Sebastian Tan
  • Angela Tan
  • Tan Huey Fang Irene
  • Chong Poh Chee
  • Christina Chua
  • Jessie Chua
  • Nellie Woo
  • Lim Lian Wah
  • Chin Zhi Jian
  • Chin Zhi Lin
  • Claryl Lim
  • Valtino P. Maneu
  • Valvic P. Maneu
  • Jervyn Tan
  • Kellie Tan


  • Writer - Ng Sze Kiat
  • Casting - Ng Sze Kiat, Stella Teo Lu Jin, Gao Yuan Heng, Wong Hurming
  • Production Manager - Joanne Bartholomeusz
  • Director of Photography - Juan Qi An
  • Grips - Ah Yeh, Adam Abdullah, Juan Qi Rong
  • Location Sound - Alan Chong, Jevin Lim
  • Sound Engineer - Alan Chong
  • Sound Designer - Ng Sze Kiat
  • Music - Matthew and the Mandarins


  • Relationships - Family, Wife/Husband, Father/Children, Competitors
  • People - Taxi Driver, Housewife
  • Personalities - Hero, Cowboy, Wannabe
  • Themes - Emasculation, Inadequacy, Revenge, Power, Control, Ineffectuality, Impotence, Incompetence
  • Subject Matter - Competition, Ego, Fantasy, Territoriality
  • Places - Parking Lot
  • Music - Country
  • Emotions - Jealousy, Envy, Resentment
  • Activities - Posturing, Housework, Play Pretend, Fighting, Games, Dance, Scratching Car