Short is a comedy about Freddie Wong, a “vertically-challenged” fourteen-year old boy, who is obsessed about growing taller and grimly determined to realise this desire byputting his body through tough discipline. Through his inner struggles, Freddie discovers his identity and learns to accept himself.

Director: Tan Siang Yu
Release Year: 2006
Subtitles: English
Language: English
Producer: Tan Siang Yu
Rating: PG
Runtime: 12m00s
Production Country: Singapore
Accession No: 2007-D-0606

Cast List:

  • Ong Jian Liang, Jason Wong, Rosalind Lee, Chung Pin Xuan, Charles Low, Lina Yong, Goh Chao Qin, Ho Li Ting, Howard Chiu, Liu Jianglan, Gu Weixiang, Guo Qi, Lee Junwen, Teo Huan Zi, Zhu Chuan, Ho Rui


  • Writer/Director/Editor/Producer - Tan Siang Yu; Original Music Score - Rain Tan, Peter Moey (; Director of Photography - Almeo Tan; Special Effects - Daniel Ling, Samuel Ling; St -