Ravi Goes To School



Ravi, the watchman’s son, is poor, illiterate and often playing in the dirt until a new mistress, Pooja, moves into the big house with her husband, Rohit. She puts Ravi in school and spends time with him when loneliness strikes. Her growing unhappiness with her absent husband who works all the time is alleviated by her taking the boy under her wing. But when she leaves, nothing has changed and Ravi goes back to playing in the dirt.

Director: Anu Menon
Release Year: 2006
Subtitles: English
Language: English, Tamil, Hindi
Producer: Anu Menon
Rating: PG
Runtime: 33m00s
Production Country: Singapore
Accession No: 2007-D-0543

Cast List:

  • S. Ravi Kumar, Heeba Shah, Ajay Gehi, Priti Nigam, Nasesh Kerra


  • Writer - Anu Menon; Director of Photography - Harald Beeker; Camera Operator - Maeve O'Connell; 1st Camera Assistant - Robert Wilton; Stills - Mohan; Editor - Aarif Sheikh; Editing Assistant - Adiya -