Tom, an unemployed man struggles to rediscover his life. After a terrible interview, he goes to the beach and gets a revelation to start up an employment agency. He finds success and shares his motivational tale of rising above the preoccupation with merely getting a job.

Director: Danny Chan
Release Year: -
Subtitles: None
Language: English, Hokkien
Producer: Danny Chan
Rating: PG
Runtime: 26m00s
Production Country: Singapore
Accession No: 2007-D-0496

Cast List:

  • Roger Chua, Low Ker Chik, Gary Chan


  • Writer/Camera/Lighting - Danny Chan; Cartoonist - Soh Wee Lian; Video Editor/Sound Designer - Danny Chan; Visual Effects - Xu Hui; Camera/Lighting Assistants - Gracie Xu & Harris Mak; Alvin Chan -