One Leg Kicking



A rabble of working-class characters come together to form an amateur football team to play in a local competition, which has a trip to the 2002 World Cup Finals as the top-prize. They become the clear underdogs in a tournament that pits them against a contemptuous all-star team that creates major obstacles for the main characters – a common man who is single-handedly raising his two children since his wife’s passing, an ex-convict with anger management issues, an enthusiastic lounge singer fighting the karaoke machine, and a tender but tough tomboy. The story is built around the team’s struggle against the odds to emerge as the dark horse of the season, in the championship as well as in the society in which they live.

Director: Eric Khoo, Wei Koh
Release Year: 2001
Subtitles: English, Chinese
Language: English, Brazilian
Producer: Jacqueline Khoo, Mabelyn Ow
Rating: PG
Runtime: 44m00s
Production Country: Singapore
Accession No: 2007-D-0771

Cast List:

  • Gurmit Singh, Mark Lee, Sharon Au, Moe Alkaff, Robin Leong, Siva Choy, Hossan Leong, Lim Kay Tong, Fiona Xie, Renato Martins, Adriano Dos Reis, Roy Yeo, Syed Salim bin Syed Monzil, Aziz bin Mohammad,