One Day In June



A young woman returns from Europe and tries to settle back into life at home.

Director: Daniel Hui
Release Year: 2009
Subtitles: English
Language: English
Producer: Daniel Hui
Rating: PG
Runtime: 10m00s
Production Country: Singapore
Accession No: 2009-D-1577

Cast List:

  • Vel Ng, Teoh Kim Eng, Lee Jian Chien, Hey Rui En, Lee Hsiao May, Violet Goh, Brendon Fernandez


  • Writer - Daniel Hui; Photographer / Editor - Looi Wan Ping; Inspired by an Original Idea by - Jonathan Crisman; Sound Design - Takuya Katsu; Associate Producers - Athalia Ho, Lim Lung Chieh; Assistan -