Money No Enough 钱不够用



Chew Wah Keong is a white collar worker who loves to purchase things through installments. Ong is a contractor who borrows money from loan sharks. Hui is a coffeeshop waiter who is constantly borrowing money from his friends. The three good friends get into deep trouble with their finances and they have to put their heads together to solve their problems.

Director: Tay Teck Lock
Release Year: 1998
Subtitles: English & Chinese
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Language: Mandarin, English, Hokkien,Malay
Producer: JP Tan
Rating: PG
Runtime: 44m00s
Production Country: Singapore
Accession No: 2008-D-1178
Availability: library@esplanade, Lee Kong Chian Reference Library

Cast List:

  • Jack Neo, Mark Lee, Henry Thia, Tan Cheng Bee, Inez Goh, Wong Siew Ling, Liu Lee Lyne, Henry Wong, Lim Siow Keng, Feng Li Ming, Chris Tan Hock Hai, Chiew Tee Kiang, Annie Neo, Cherl Ang, Ong Kim Huat, Felix, Tan Cheng Chwee, Lim Tow Tong, Mok Chee Keong, Cheng Yeow Marn, Alex Lee Han Kwan, Sim Gee Sing


  • Screenplay - Jack Neo
  • Associate Producer - Derl Ng Chia Hwee
  • Assistant Producer - Ling Sock Leng
  • Assistant Director - Derl Ng Chia Hwee
  • Location Manager - Tammy Quah Ai Leen
  • Advertising & Publicity - Anthony Ng
  • Legal Adviser - K T Lim S & A
  • Casting - JSP Films
  • Casting Co-ordinator - Ling Sook Leng
  • Costume Designer/Stylist - Anthony Ng
  • Art Director - Anthony Ng
  • Wardrobe Mistress - Shariza Kamil
  • Set Dresser - Ian
  • Property Master/Props Set Up - Tammy Wuah Ai Loon
  • Property Master/Props Set Up - Lim Chian Long
  • Continuity - Annie Shih
  • Camera Assistant - Rosman Shahid
  • Key Grip - Abdul Shukor Mohd
  • Key Gaffer - Gary Lao
  • Key Gaffer - Loonard Pereira
  • Key Gaffer - Alex Kang
  • Key Gaffer - Anil Grahan
  • Key Gaffer - Azlee Ramil
  • Sound Recordist - Abdul Shukor Mohd
  • Boom Operator - Azlee Ramil
  • Editor - A. Supramanieam
  • Assistant Editor - Adhar Abu Bakar
  • Audio Engineer - Philip Tan
  • Telecine Colourist - Dennis Nadarajan
  • Telecine Colourist - Gary Lao
  • Post Production Co-ordinator - Loonard Pereira
  • Foley Artist - Abdul Shukor Mohd
  • Foley Artist - Loonard Pereira
  • Foley Artist - Kamia Hurl
  • Negative Cutter - Julian Scott
  • Colour Timer - Lutz H. Schroottor
  • Generator Service & Operator - Dennis Lee (Liew Tong Electric Services)
  • Transportation - Woodlands Transport