Miss Wonton



Ah Na is an illegal immigrant in New York City who finds employment in a Chinese restaurant. Fleeing from the persecution of her native village in China, Ah Na discovers that more oppression awaits her in America. In a naive quest for the American Dream, Ah Na begins visiting Grand Central Station’s ‘Golden Palace‘, where Caucasian men go to pick up immigrant women. It is there that she meets Jack, a slick suburbanite who proves to fall devastatingly short of delivering Ah Na a comfortable new life. Ah Na’s realisation of her outsider status allows her to come into her own and acquire a renewed sense of independence.

Director: Meng Ong
Release Year: 2001
Subtitles: English
Language: Mandarin, English, Cantonese
Producer: -
Rating: PG
Runtime: 45m00s
Production Country: USA
Accession No: AFA2008-D-1156

Cast List:

  • Amy Ting, Ben Wang, James Burns, Chyna Ng, Shen Han Ying, Scott Chan, Sakura Teng, Victoria Rong, Claire Peng, Yang Liu, Lynne Otis, Cornel Chan, Tienne Vu, Elene Chung, Shingka, Jeannie Ng, Elisa La


  • Director of Photography - Tsuyoshi Kimoto; Production Design - Charlotte Burke; Assistant Director - Yann Sobezynski; Original Music Score - Evan Evans; Co-Producer - Hisami Kuroiwa; Editor/Scriptwri -