Flitting between the controlled interior of a laboratory and the messy outside world, we follow the escapades of Mickey, a lab rat. Set against the landscapes of human emotion, his fate in this experiment compels one to question if human beings too live like mice in a maze?

Director: Wesley Leon Aroozoo
Release Year: 2010
Subtitles: English
Language: Tamil
Producer: N.A
Rating: NULL
Runtime: 19m00s
Production Country: Singapore
Accession No: 2010-D-1807

Cast List:

  • Mark Biss, Cheng Shian Wen, The Source, Jeszlene Zhou, Joe Chung, Joanne Stacey Tan, Swyn Teo, Priscilla Hoo, Lynn Ho, Jane Koh, Gim Goh, Ang Song Loo, Hung Yi-Sheng, Soh Jin Ping, Mok Tye Par, Julia


  • Cinematographer - Philip Tan; Production Manager - Priscilla Hoo; Make-Up and Wardrobe - Michelle Cheong Chuxin; Audio - The Source; Crane Operator - Cheng Shian Wen; Production Assistant - Aaron Ng, -