Mat Bond



Mat has had dreams of becoming a spy since young. After accidentally finding and eating a special pill that grants indestructibility, he finally gets his wish as he is hired to retrieve a briefcase of the same pills. However, with other people also after the pills, he may find that being a spy is a lot harder than he thought.

Director: Mat Sentol, M. Amin
Release Year: 1967
Subtitles: Malay
Genre: Comedy
Language: English
Producer: Cathay-Keris Films
Rating: PG
Runtime: 38m00s
Production Country: Singapore
Accession No: 2010-D-1790

Cast List:

  • Mat Sentol, Sherley Koh, Malek Selamat, Dollah Serawak, Siti TG. Perak, Dollah Dagang, Rahim Hamid, Dollah Red Indian, Adin Abdullah


  • Cinematographer - Han Kai Juan
  • Assistant Cinematographer - Omar bin Man
  • Sound Engineer - V.G. Bhaskaran
  • First Assistant Sound Engineer - Wan Lim Chye
  • Assistant Sound Engineer - MD. Derus
  • Background Music Director - Rahim Hamid
  • Music - The Pretenders
  • Editor - Jamil Rais
  • Art Director - Mat Sentol
  • Laboratory Manager - Kang Kee Chye
  • Assistant Managers - Ahmad Nandok
  • Assistant Managers - Ang Ah Poon
  • Production Executive - A.Lam Shoon Kong
  • Storywriter - Mat Sentol
  • Scriptwriter - Mat Sentol
  • Dialogue - Mat Sentol