Love Matters 幸福万岁



This story revolves around the lives of four people seeking love. Tan Bo Seng and his wife find that their love life has gone stale over the years. They quarrel all the time and blame each other for it. Bo Seng then gets into a tricky situation. Benny, their teenage son, gets hooked onto pornography. He gets all excited when his crush begins to show interest in him. Jeremy, Bo Seng’s god brother, a Casanova, meets Benny’s teacher and succeeds in charming her. But his Casanova ways gets him into trouble.

Director: Jack Neo, Gilbert Chan
Release Year: 2009
Subtitles: English, Malay, Chinese
Genre: Drama
Language: English, Hokkien
Producer: Jack Neo, Mang, Philip Wu.
Rating: NC16 (Sexual References)
Runtime: 55m00s
Production Country: Singapore
Accession No: 2013-D-2111

Cast List:

  • Henry Thia, Yeo Yann Yann, Jack Lim, Cheryl Lee, Alex Leong Mark Lee, Lai Ming, Natalli, Yin Yin Tay, Ru Ping Lin, Ling Ling Zhu.


  • Co-Producers - Toong Soo Wei
  • Co-Producers - Brando Lee
  • Line Producers - Gloria Tio Dunn
  • Line Producers - Jay Yao
  • Line Producers - Jayee Low
  • Screenplay - Jack Neo
  • Screenplay - Boris Boo
  • Screenplay - Gilbert Chan
  • Director of Photography - Tang Kin Yee
  • Art Director - Crystal Woo
  • Costume Designer - Sunny Phang
  • Post Production Supervisor - Alfred Sim
  • Editor - Yim Mun Chong
  • Editor - Asaph Sia Yaw Yie
  • Music & Sound Director - Mo Ju Li
  • Original Music - Benny Wong
  • Production Manager - Alex Chow
  • Assistant Production Manager - Eeli Chen
  • 1st Assistant Director - Lee Wei Wei
  • 2nd Assistant Director - Jimz Lee Chee Cheng
  • 2nd Assistant Director - Winnie Looi
  • Finance Coordinator - Kent Chan Teck Kian
  • Continuity - Pauline Tay
  • Continuity - Law Yut Mee
  • Production Assistant - Nicole Hew
  • Production Assistant - Leong Tuck Fai
  • Production Assistant - Pitria
  • Production Assistant - Debora Alexander
  • Production Assistant - Li Huan Yu
  • Production Assistant - Ng Wai Leng
  • Directors' Assistant - Kan Yin Wei
  • Directors' Assistant - Lim Mei Feng
  • Directors' Assistant - Chey Peng Mey
  • Assistant Art Director - How Yee Peng


  • Activities - getting intimate in bed, quarreling, slapping, buying herbs at Chinese Medical Hall, wooing ladies, drinking in the lounge, carressing a lady, buying drinks for a lady, having a family meal, dreaming, driving in a car, breaking bowls and plates, eating at a hawker centre, playing basketball, watching pornography, playing online sex games, dancing, undressing, blindfolding someone, eating chilli, trying to escape. uploading sex videos, recording, watching videos, teacher-parent session, attempting suicide, pacifying someone, helping someone in the rain, lending a book, driving a car, meeting prospective mother-in-law and family, dreaming, barbeque
  • Emotions - anger, resentment, happiness, shame, sadness, regret, love, fear
  • Place - school, bedroom, hotel room, bar, flat, bank, high building, barbeque pit
  • People - teacher, husband, wife, mother, god-brother, god-uncle, students, brothers
  • Relationship - husband/wife, parents/son/ teacher/student, love interests, teacher/parents, mother/daughter, future mother-in-law/future son-in-law, girlfriend/boyfriend
  • Theme - finding love, sustaining love, real love.