His Name Was Wong



A neurotic girl discovers that the owner of a magazine shop she often visits is a private investigator.

Director: Wee Li Lin
Release Year: 1998
Subtitles: None
Language: English
Producer: Connie Tham
Rating: PG
Runtime: 11m00s
Production Country: Singapore
Accession No: 2008-D-1289

Cast List:

  • Lewina Tan, John Goh, Denise Tan, Leona A Dwtt, Lily Tan, Cyrene Ong, Enlai Chua, Yu Tou Kim, Gary Ee, Grace Cheng, Joni Tham, Chris Ho, Risty Kachini Wee, Ratish Bala Krishnan, Cecilia Park, Janice


  • Writer - Wee Li Lin; DOP - Michael Chua, Leonard Yip; Editor - Maria Tan; Art Director - Denise Tan; Sound Recordist - Andrew Chua; Boom Operator - Tan Chiez How; Sound Asst - Narriscus Lim; Asst Dir -