Hello, Goodbye



A chambermaid and a guest bond through clandestine notes left in a hotel room. Eventually, the woman must make a choice between this illicit affection, and with her estranged husband.

Director: Tay Li-Cheng
Release Year: 2010
Subtitles: N.A.
Language: English
Producer: Goh Kun Lei
Rating: PG
Runtime: 15m00s
Production Country: Singapore
Accession No: 2011-D-1979

Cast List:

  • Oon Shu An, Jerry Hoh, Joy Lee, Jenny Goh, Akshay Kotari, Uugilan S/O Kushnan, Amanda Tan


  • Assistant Director - Wyna Yow; Assistant Producer - Feng Kexin; Director of Photography - Jonathan Goh Qidi; 1st Cam Assistant - Hannafi Mohd; 2nd Cam Assistant - Feng Kexin; Gaffer/Clapper Loader - -