Hard Boiled Eggs



A father is tasked to bring his two daughters to the hairdresser’s. All three are forced to run from their pursuers when his gambling gets them into trouble.

Director: Wesley Leon Aroozoo
Release Year: 2008
Subtitles: PG
Language: Hokkien
Producer: -
Rating: 15 mins 9 secs
Runtime: 15m00s
Production Country: Singapore
Accession No: 2008-D-1285

Cast List:

  • Low Soo Kiang, Kimberly Chia, Edna Yang I-Shuen, Swyn Teo, Kheleev Mohd Ghows, Tan Hong Jin, Chua Eng Chee, Soh Jin Ping, Chang Shih Chih-Chun