Exodus: Wanita Yang Berlari



A lower-class Chinese shampoo girl befriends a Javanese court dancer, sparking an intricate relationship of love, jealousy and obsession, all interpreted through cinematic dance.

Director: Sherman Ong
Release Year: 2003
Subtitles: English
Language: Bahasa Indonesia
Producer: Helly Minarti
Rating: PG
Runtime: 30m00s
Production Country: Indonesia/Singapore
Accession No: 2011-D-1997

Cast List:

  • Nungki Kusumastuti, Mira Tedja, Syahrial, Tuti Alwy, QQ


  • Story - Sulaiman S. Benongiann, Tjin Chen Fong; Choreographer - Chendra Effendy; Assistant Director - Jessy Harjadi; Cinematographer - I. G. K Trisna Pramana; Assistant Cameraman - Jimmy Iqmar Sirait -