The film looks at the sexual exploits and explorations of a dysfunctional catholic family. After the father discovers his son watching his older sister’s Hentai pornographic DVD collection, he consults his wife on whether they should provide sex education for their children. The sister makes a pact with her brother by giving him a pornographic DVD in exchange for him to keep mum about her nightly sexual escapades. The mother throws a fit when she discovers her son watching the offensive DVD in the living room. The mother unexpectedly becomes pregnant and after her delivery, a little girl’s innocent question of where do babies come from receives an embarrassed silence from all present. A priest then replies that babies come from Jesus Christ.

Director: Kirsten Tan
Release Year: 2006
Subtitles: English
Language: Korean
Producer: Seo Bom Seok, Kim Guang Hee
Rating: M18
Runtime: 21m00s
Production Country: Korea
Accession No: 2007-D-0616

Cast List:

  • Ann Sae Hyung
  • Ham Nye Jeong
  • Choi Yu Jin
  • Kim Hak Jin
  • Jo Young Jae
  • Kim Kwang Hui
  • Lee Se An
  • Kang Sueng Jae
  • Seo Beom Seok


  • Gaffer - Jang Il Seak, Jang An Ram
  • Line Producer - Jo Young Jae
  • Art Director - Maia Lee
  • Director of Photographer - Ham Kyoung Rok
  • Assistant Director - Tascha Epe
  • Writer and Director - Kristen Tan