Colours is the story of a colour-blind girl’s journey to find colours in her life. In her loneliness, she discovers a magical pair of glasses that allows her to see more intense colours than she bargained for, prompting her to break one of its lenses so that she finds a place of serenity between her handicap and that which is wished for.

Director: Derrick Lui, Lee Chee Tian
Release Year: 2007
Subtitles: None
Language: English
Producer: Lee Chee Tian
Rating: PG
Runtime: 09m00s
Production Country: Singapore
Accession No: 2007-D-0759

Cast List:

  • Elise Delos Santos, Eunice Chew, Quek Yen Ling, JF Koh, Heather Jean Clark, Megumi Nagase, Cheryl Chai, Sheri Tan, Lee Hui Yi, Sophie Ritchie, Stella Sim, Ameera Abdul Nasir, Imran Abdul Nasir, Nur L