Che Mamat Parang Tumpol



Che Mamat, who lives in a kampong with a mother who finds him useless, is perpetually finding himself in unlucky situations. Determined to change his life for his girlfriend, he submits his cousin’s work and ends up winning  a story writing competition organised by the newspaper Berita Singapura.  As he starts his new job as a journalist, his unluckiness inadvertently ties him to the notorious Black Hand gang, landing him in trouble with the police and the news agency as well, leading to a wild goose chase.

Director: L.Krishnan
Release Year: 1960
Subtitles: English
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Language: Hokkien, English
Producer: Cathay-Keris Films
Rating: PG
Runtime: 03m51s
Production Country: Singapore/Malaysia
Accession No: 2015-D-2178

Cast List:

  • S.M. Wahid, Latiffah Omar, M.Amin, Salleh Chani, Siti TG. Perak, Annie Jasmin, Dollah Serawak, Aman Belon, Yem Jaafar,


  • Editor - Hussein Haniff
  • Laboratory Manager - Kang Kee Chye
  • Art Director - Yeo Hai Lip
  • Assistant Art Director - M. Amin
  • Songs - Dodo Milinger
  • Sound Recordist - Chua Hung Boon
  • Audiographer - Chong Chee Liat
  • Cameraman - Wong Wan
  • Sound - Rebo Saripan
  • Art - K. Rajoo
  • Editing - George Peterson
  • Dubbing - Jamil Rais
  • Continuity - Tan Peng Suan
  • Director of Photography - Han Kai Juan
  • Scriptwriter - Pelham Groom
  • Storywriter - Pelham Groom
  • Studio Manager - S.A. D'Cruz


  • Places - kampong, Berita Singapura building, bar
  • Items - story, newspaper, printing press, black ink
  • handprints
  • People - journalist, gangster, gang boss, police
  • Activities - chasing, writing
  • Themes - luck, twist of fate
  • Transportation - scooter, car
  • Relationships - mother/son, cousin/cousin
  • Subject Matter - extortion, non-compliance