Buai Laju – Laju



Set in a kampong outside of Kuala Lumpur, Buai Laju Laju is an intense thriller that succesfully draws the viewer in. Amran is a drifter who turns up at a café owned by Ibrahim, a rich man married to a beautiful, young woman called Zaiton. Zaiton feels her life has stagnated into the mundane, but with the arrival of Amran, a reckless drifter, she begins to see the possibility of a different future. Amran is intrigued by Zaiton and agrees to stay and work around the café in return for food and lodging. She flirts with him, setting in motion an affair with disastrous consequences.

Director: U-Wei Bin Haji Saari
Release Year: 2004
Subtitles: English
Language: Malay
Producer: Julia Fraser, U-Wei Bin Haji Saari
Rating: PG
Runtime: 33m00s
Production Country: Malaysia
Accession No: 2005-D-0082

Cast List:

  • Eman Manan, Khallid Salleh, Betty Banafe, Adlin Aman Ramli, Hasnul Rahmat, Baharuddin Haji Omar


  • Executive Producer - Julia Fraser, Julie LeBrocquy; Scriptwriter - U-Wei Bin Haji Saari; Online Producer - Hafidz Osman / Noraini Nasir; Assistant Director - Anwar Idris; Production Manager - Hafidz -