Against The Tide



A documentary on the Laotian fishing community, constructed for the most part via interviews with an elderly fisherman and his family, which centre on his compulsion to continue with his fishing trade and the attendant arduous lifestyle even at his old age.

Director: Induangchanthy Xaisongkham
Release Year: 2005
Subtitles: English
Language: Laotian
Producer: Tan Wee Liang
Rating: PG
Runtime: 23m00s
Production Country: Laos
Accession No: 2007-D-1134

Cast List:

  • Lieum Vansily, Phone Vansily, Vanpheng Vansily, Khampheun Keokaenchanh, Phongsay Sa-ngasy, Thongchanh Phanthavong, Khaophone Phouthavong, Bounmy, Phayvanh, Sayphone, Phongsavath, Khoneded, Syvisay, H


  • Editor - Farah Iqbal; Sound - Foo Soo Hian; Camera - Tan Wee Liang, Induangchanthy Xaisongkham; Story - Foo Soo Hian, Induangchanthy Xaisongkham, Tan Wee Liang, Farah Iqbal; Project Supervisor - Nikk -