The Asian Film Archive conducts assembly talks that introduce students to Singapore’s and Asia’s rich film heritage. Suitable for lower secondary to tertiary students, these introduce contemporary socio-economic and political issues through the film medium. This series is endorsed under the National Arts Council Arts Education Programme (NAC-AEP) and is eligible for the Tote Board Arts Grant Subsidy.

Introduction to Singapore Cinema
This talk explores Singapore’s cinematic history from its early beginnings to the present and exposes students to think of one of Singapore’s national past-time as an important aspect of local culture and heritage. Students are introduced to the ideas of how national identity has evolved with the development of cinema in Singapore, consider the relevance of national cinema in a cosmopolitan and globalised society, and presented with the value of preserving social memories through film.


Exploring Social Issues Through Documentaries
This talk provides students with an introduction to the genre of documentaries. A selection of Asian documentaries highlight various social issues that affect the Southeast Asian region. Students will be challenged to ask critical questions when watching the films about who the messages are intended for and the purpose(s) of these messages.


History Through Singapore’s Film Locations
This talk retraces places through a selection of Singapore films made during the golden age of Singapore Cinema in the 1950s and 1960s. Putting the spotlight on Cathay-Keris’ studio’s fervour for location shooting, the trends of situating storytelling in traditional villages, newly reclaimed lands, skyscrapers, and iconic sites will be discussed. Students are encouraged to examine an ever-changing Singapore landscape in the larger context of national history and social memory.


Learning Objectives

●  To develop students’ interest and appreciation of Singapore’s film history

●  To develop the students’ ability to think critically and enable a knowledgeable discussion on contemporary issues like national history, identity, social memory etc.


Below are some comments from teachers:

“The students enjoyed the talk and were so caught up with the film clips shown! This session gives us the wonderful opportunity to see and enjoy the Old Singapore films that many of us have not seen before. Our students also learned first hand how to appreciate film in ways they do not normally do.”
– Shobana Cheong, Bedok View Secondary School 

“Our students enjoyed the Assembly talk – well done.”
– Saadiah Wylde, First Toa Payoh Secondary School


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Assembly Talks by Asian Film Archive