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Become A VolunteerAt the Asian Film Archive, we have met volunteers who inspire us. They come from diverse backgrounds and are contributing their vast knowledge and skills as well as their time, concern and care for our film heritage. The Archive is a wonderful environment in which you too can give back to the community.

The Archive regards its volunteers in a similar way to salaried employees: prospective candidates for a volunteer post will be interviewed and, once on board, there will be regular performance monitoring and, depending on the position, opportunities for training.

There are many different reasons that inspire people to volunteer for the Asian Film Archive. We have a flexible approach to your commitment.

Below are some of the current volunteer opportunities that you can consider:

 Volunteer Areas  Requirements
 Film Preservation
 Cataloguing films  Willing and keen to learn about film preservation
 Captioning film related materials  Good command of the English language
 Creating preservation and access copies for films and their related  materials  Minimum 6 months’ commitment
 Photo and/or video event coverage of various activities  Photo and/or video portfolio
 Front of house of various activities  Ability and ease in handling different photo/video  cameras
 Writing articles on different events  Strong command of the English language
 Update different contact databases  Proficient in research
 Perform analytics on feedback  Proficient in Excel
 Calling and speaking to people


We look forward to you signing up as an Archive Volunteer.

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Be Involved - State of Motion 2017 Staff & Volunteers
Be Involved – State of Motion 2017: Staff & Volunteers


Make a Gift

Thank you for choosing to make a gift to the Asian Film Archive, a registered charity and an institution of public character.

We will use your support to save films from getting lost, damaged or misplaced, so more people will still get the chance to see them.

The Archive is an Institution of Public Character (IPC). Donations to the Archive enjoy tax deduction. For every $1 that our donors give, IRAS will deem that our donors have donated $2.50 to a charitable cause and give you tax credit for that amount.

Your tax deductible gift enables the Asian Film Archive to preserve our film heritage that future generations will connect with and enjoy.

You may donate either by cheque or credit card. Cheques should be made payable to ASIAN FILM ARCHIVE.

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