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A heritage of Asian Cinema
Lost Films Search

These films are believed to be lost forever. But we are not giving up. We are mounting one last search for them.

In commemoration of the World Audiovisual Heritage Day, the Asian Film Archive is making an open call to the public in search of some significant local films whose existence are currently unknown. The aims of this search are several folds:

Unearth the location of local cinematic gems that were once thought to be lost and to properly preserve them; Create public awareness of the importance and urgency of archiving Singapore’s culture and heritage through its films; Publicize the existence of organizations such as the Asian Film Archive in Singapore that the members of public can turn to for help on archival or preservation of films.

In line with 2008 being proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly as the International Year of Languages, the Asian Film Archive’s second public search of lost local films, take into account that films help to foster greater understanding amongst communities through linguistic diversity. These films are also of cinematic, cultural, and historical importance to the local industry.

Read the Message from Mr Koïchiro Matsuura, Director-General of UNESCO, on the occasion of the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage.

Format and types of materials for submission:
       -Negatives, print reels, soundtracks on 35mm or 16mm
       -Video formats such as betacam / digibeta tapes, VHS
        or other obsolete formats like Betamax
       -Related materials to the films such as photographs,
        posters, postcards

List of lost films

Menantu Derhaka (The Rebellious Daughter-in-law)
B&W Malay
Directed by BS Rajhans
Produced by Tan and Wong Film Co (aka Tan Weng Film)

Hua Jiao Shue Liu (The Overseas Chinese Blood Story) (1946) B&W Chinese
Directed by (unknown)
Produced by Zhong Hua Company

Seruan Merdeka (The Call for Freedom) (1946)
B&W Malay
Directed by BS Rajhans
Produced by Malayan Arts Production

Qing Qing He Bian Cao (aka The Rebellion) (1967)
Colour Cantonese
Directed by Chiang Wai Kwong

Huang Tang Shi Jia (aka Family Degeneration) (1974)
Directed by (unknown)
Produced by Chongay Organisation

Yi Jia Zhi Zhu (aka Master of the Family) (1974)
Directed by (unknown)
Produced by Chongay Organisation

Qiao De Liang An (aka The Two Sides of the Bridge) (1976) Colour Mandarin
Directed by Lim Ann (aka Lim Meng Chew)
Produced by Chongay Organisation

For more information or enquiries on submission of materials, please contact our Archivist:
Tel: +65 6777 3243 / Fax: +65 543 1643
Email: info@asianfilmarchive.org
Website: www.asianfilmarchive.org
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