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Tree in Tanjung Malim
Tan Chui Mui

2004, 24min, Malaysia
A woman on the brink of adulthood has a conversation with a world-weary older man during the course of one night... more
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Reel Emergency Project
To build the Asian Film Archive Collection, we invite contributions from filmmakers, collectors, companies and the public. If there are films you know that need our attention, contact us.

Online Catalogue
The catalogue consists of the Archive's collection of local and regional works.

Educators' Workshops
To provide resources and services that are directly relevant to the teaching and learning of moving image media in the school curriculum. For details on the latest workshops, visit here

Film Literacy Programmes
To equip students with the ability to analyze, appreciate and communicate messages in film and video.

Moving Minds Lab
Students get to investigate the dynamics of the local film industry and work on hands-on film advocacy and film investigation/research projects under mentorship.

Singapore Shorts Vol. 2 DVD
Purchase the second anthology of Singapore Short Films to help the Archive raise funds for its preservation and cultural mission.
Conference Call: 19th SEAPAVAA Conference and General Assembly
22-28 April 2015
The Asian Film Archive will host the 19th SEAPAVAA Conference and General Assembly in Singapore next year.

Watching Our Future: Preserving Our Films Together
11 Sep 2014
Lee Foundation Lecture Theatre, NTU: WKWSCI
If you are a filmmaker, film student, film enthusiast or collector, join us in a discussion to better understand the characteristics of the different film formats so that you can better take care of your creative works and cinematic treasures.

Preserving Our Films Together
10 July 2014
If you are a filmmaker, film student, film enthusiast or collector, join us in a discussion to better understand the characteristics of the different film formats so that you can better take care of your creative works and cinematic treasures.

Educators' Workshop: Representing Cityscapes in Film
04 June 2013
How is Singapore represented as a city in films? This workshop will take a look at the various dimensions of a city such as - its quirks, forgotten spaces and people, its urbanisation and the environment, social-spatial relations, architecture, and transportation.

Screening: FADE IN / FADE OUT
15 February 2014, 2pm
Auditorium, Tampines Regional Library

Celebrating and highlighting local short films this February, Fade In / Fade Out showcases 4 short films that explore new discoveries in all their varied forms.

Screening: Mekong Hotel
23 November 2013, 630pm
Filmgarde Bugis+

Join us for the Singapore Premiere of Mekong Hotel and a post-screening discussion with director Apichatpong Weerasethakul.

Producing Chinese Cinemas in the 21st Century
30 June - 2 July 2013
A two-day workshop organised as part of “Chinese Cinemas in the 21st Century: Production, Consumption, Imagination” research project, funded by the Leverhulme Trust’s International Networks scheme.

The FilmGarde "Film Talks" Series: Gender In Films
29 June 2013, Filmgarde, Bugis+
Come spend an afternoon with our two speakers, specialists in film and gender studies, to better understand how gender roles can be, are constructed, presented, or represented in films.

Educators' Workshop: Film Literacy and its Application in the Classroom
04 June 2013
This workshop is catered for educators who wish to or are incorporating film into their classroom teaching and would like to decode the fundamentals of film language, filmic techniques and narratives.

Screening: Year Without A Summer
23 April 2013, 730pm
Screening Room, The Arts House

Catch award winning film Year Without A Summer by Tan Chui Mui, in a debut screening in Singapore.

FilmTalks: The Art of Film Critiquing
16 March 2013, Filmgarde, Bugis+
Join us for an afternoon chat with 3 film reviewers who will share their personal experiences and processes in reviewing films for their particular mediums, allowing audiences to learn more and the different methods and nuances of writing a fair and credible review.

Educators' Workshop: Social Memory In Singapore Films
20 November 2012
This workshop explores the primacy of memory in Singapore cinema. Participants will be encouraged to think about how and why the notion of memory is important to Singapore and will be given ideas on introducing the concept of social memory to students through Singapore films.

Asian Film Archive Presents: Demystifying the Archiving of Film and Audiovisual Materials
18 June 2012, 7:30pm, The Pod, National Library Building, Level 16
Join us in a casual dialogue session with Mr. Ray Edmondson, one of the most knowledgeable and highly respected audiovisual archivists in the world.

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